Improvements in glass bottle materials are expected to improve glass bottle performance


It is reported that foreign professionals are developing new glass in the following two ways. The first is to change the material itself by changing the amount of a certain ingredient in the glass. Asolvex I glass, recently created by Saint-Gobain, is obtained by reducing the Al2O3 content in the glass bottle. The second is to apply a thin coating with auxiliary properties to the glass surface to improve its surface functional properties. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the packaging material market, the industry has higher and higher requirements for glass products. It is the general trend to improve the glass production process and develop new types of glass.

How do Qingdao oral liquid bottle manufacturers test?


Qingdao oral liquid bottle manufacturer testing method: 1. According to the system's tube selection classification standard, card board detection, weighing and weighing detection, the material selection and classification are carried out, and the tubes are divided into thin tubes, medium tubes and thick tubes. 2. To ensure the quality of raw materials, the raw materials are inspected strictly according to the standard requirements of physical and chemical properties, appearance, specifications and dimensions and other technical indicators. 3. The quality inspection department conducts in-house inspection and inspection of the products, and the quality assurance department is responsible for product quality qualification and pre-delivery inspection. 4. On the site of the bottle production workshop, self-inspection, mutual inspection, patrol inspection, and random inspection are carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, dimensions and appearance quality to ensure that the products meet the standard requirements. 5. After the product has been fully inspected, it will be sampled, and the product will be shipped out for factory inspection to ensure that the product quality meets the standard requirements. A big disadvantage of oral liquid bottles is that they are fragile, which affects the market share of oral liquid bottles. Now, when the glass bottle of oral liquid is manufactured, the brittleness will be greatly reduced after surface treatment. In the process of transportation, it is transported by a forklift to a long-distance truck, and from the forklift to the truck, which requires manual handling, but the glass bottle of oral liquid is heavy, and it is inevitable that bumps will occur during the transportation process, and it will be severely damaged during transportation. Vibration will increase the fragile rate of oral liquid glass bottles. In order to obtain customers, Qingdao oral liquid bottle manufacturers often need to provide the buyer with an additional number of brown bottles according to the broken rate, so as to ensure that the buyer can receive the complete glass bottle in the same quantity as the order after receiving the goods, which is virtually impossible. Increased the cost of Qingdao oral liquid bottle manufacturers. The current glass bottle business packaging is plastic-sealed glass bottles, plus carton, the purpose of this is to prevent the vibration of oral liquid glass bottles during transportation, and effectively prevent the collision between bottles and the resulting broken. There are also glass bottle companies that try to find direct/dedicated logistics when transporting over long distances to avoid damage to oral liquid glass bottles caused by multiple manual handling. This will greatly reduce the fragile rate of oral liquid glass bottles during transportation, and reduce the loss caused by the high broken rate of Qingdao oral liquid bottle manufacturers.

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